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Welcome to the Ham Radio Club Information Page!

Here, you will find information pertaining to Ham Radio Club available to you.

Purpose of the Club:

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  • Provide support and training to learn about Ham Radio communications
  • Help and guide students to getting the FCC Amateur Radio license
  • Provide community outreach for events like field day, winter field day, schools on the air
  • Help students learn how to setup their own personal radio stations
  • Amnateur radio represents City of Long Beach and the United States
  • You are an ambassador for your city and country by talking to different people across the world amateur radio can benefit field of engineering and biomedical and expand experiences for other could give you an advantage over other.



Information will be posted online ONLY daily and weekly.
No Paper Forms Needed!
More information will be provided in the coming weeks.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Ham Radio Sponsor    562-123-4567     Ext 555




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