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Required & Elective Courses


4 Year Program - Required

Grade &  Subject English Math Science Social Studies World Language Engineering BioMedical PE
9th Eng 1-2



Biology   Spanish Intro to Engineering Human Body Systems Intro to Kinesiology/PE
10th Eng 3-4 Inter Algebra Physics

Big History  or

Modern World History

2nd year Spanish Principals of Engineering   Advanced Kinesiology/PE
11th Eng 5-6 Pre Calc or FST Chemistry US HIstory        
12th Options TBD

AP Calc and/or

AP Stats

Options TBD Economics & Government        

*All course are accelerated or Honors for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies in grades 9-11.

Accelerated = Deeper Dive into content and/or accelerated pace to cover more content. 

Honors = an A in the course factors into the GPA as a 5.0 instead of a 4.0, a B factors in as a 4.0, and a C factors in as a 3.0

Details regarding AP and University TBD.

 4 Year Electives - subject to additions/changes

Grade & Content English Math Science World Language Engineering Biomedical PE
9th  Yearbook Algebra Lab/Geometry Support     Digital Electronics

Principals of Biomedical


Health Career Exploration

10th TBD          TBD  



Spanish con't for students who have completed 2nd year


Principals of Biomedical if not taken in 9th grade


Medical Terminology

11th TBD         TBD Physiology & Kinesiology

Spanish con't.




Computer Integrated Manufacturing


Civil Engineering & Architecture


Aerospace Engineering


Digital Electronics

Medical Interventions


12th TBD       TBD   TBD Engineering Design & Development Biomedical Innovations TBD

Note:  Subject to change and/or additions.  Waiting for decisions from District Office in regard to additional electives.